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Monday, September 19, 2011


One of Mulain's favourite MU-ses, visionary and Queen of Pop, MADONNA once sang a very cool song called EXPRESS YOURSELF! All about love and saying how you feel, a great little 1989 pop number, bet you all know. Today Mulain is asking you do you SHOW how you feel? MISSION:SELF EXPRESSION IS ON! Make-up brand Illamasqua's new Autumn / Winter Collection 2011 'Theatre of the Nameless' is inspired from the Self-expression that was seen in 1920s Berlin. Know your history my friends....tres importante! Mulain totally loves the looks they've created and can't wait to get my tools out and start painting on my face! Wanna see more...head to http://www.illamasqua.com/ ....or start looking up 1920s Berlin for the real deal. Wunderbar!

Want to change the world? Start with yourself!

Mulain x

P.S. - Happy Monday!

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