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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Girls - We run the world! Oh how true Beyonce how true! Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Madame Knowles's epic GIRL POWER video and song...listen to that beat, see those dance MU-ves, be in awe of the bodies, admire the make-up and hair and just get into the MUU'D! "We run this motha"...will just get into your head all day!! I just love it....:)...! So the question Mulain is asking you today...do you feel empowered? You should do my darlings...and if you don't make-up is a great place to start! Remember it all starts with YOU...and how you feel about yourself! A little bit of make-up or warpaint ;) can make you ready for battle - remember you are on the frontline every day my friends....from boardroom to bedroom....take control and be in charge of how you look! Swear it's life changing. So crank the volume and listen to Beyonce....GIRLS: YOU RUN THE WORLD!

M x

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