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Friday, September 16, 2011

MU-ves like Jagger!

Ok it's Friday!....When you get home tonight, however tired you are my darlings, shut the door, pour yourself a glass of something loo-ver-ly, crank up the volume of Maroon 5's (feat. Christina A) new song "Moves Like Jagger" and play DRESS UP! What a song! MU-Tube it and check out the MU-ves they've got going on. Super cool....also check out Christina's eye make-up...lovely lashes - 60s eyes! Mulain was chatting with a friend of fat mu yesterday (Shivani you know who you are :) )....and we were chatting about the ruts we all get stuck in...and we were saying that when you're young and you used to dress up in your bedroom and dance in front of the mirror so MU-ch fun was had! Remember people?....well chalo....let's do it again....such good therapy for the soul, make yourself feel great!...So crank it up, get some new lippie on, layers of mascara, get yourself a mike (can of hairspray good)!!!! and MU-ve like Jagger.

Mulain x

P.S. - Mulain really hopes you know who Mick Jagger is....Rolling Stones???? Ok....google him ;)

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