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Friday, November 18, 2011


Dear All,

Today we have mu-ved across to our new tumblr site

Please revisit this blog to read, re-read our posts...and please do follow us still on the above link.

Mulain is still there with you....:)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

fat mu Masterclasses!

MU Virginia aged 15 years

Students particpating

Demo in action

Karen Teitge in action!

About to start! - ha ha...

A snippet of casualty sfx...great fun!

Mulain has LOVE LOVE LOVED the last 2 days in the fat mu academy! Yes it's been non-stop effects and new products to play with. Intro to age-ing was superb! Brit Make-up Artist Karen Teitge aged MU Virginia 10 - 15 years...invisible age-ing ....fantastic! Today was casualty effects. Will be posting Les Albums on FB so you can all see. Thanks for coming all who attended and hope you learned lots, and of course thanks Karen T. Bravo!

Tomorrow is Karen's Hairstyling workshop - morning is a Victorian style and afternoon is 1940s War-time glam.

Mulain says...do come!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Intro to old age make-up!

Today we are running a Make-up Masterclass with Brit Make-up and Hair Artiste Karen Teitge. Intro to Age-ing - 2 to 5pm.....Karen will be age-ing MU Virg 10 years using latest products....can't wait to show you guys the pix. What fun! Interested in Masterclasses...Let us know!

Casualty class on tomorrow and Hairstyling Friday - non-stop learning and fun at the fat mu academy!

M x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Urban Shore

Yesterday Mulain and MUs Virg and Nat popped into a wonderful little shop called URBANSHORE www.urbanshore.in ...think SpaceNK in India....for those who love good skincare / cosmetics / perfumes / accessories from all over the world this is the place for you! We all picked up on the cute heart shaped tweezers by brand Shavata. Mulain says pop to the shop on Waterfield Road, Bandra West (opp Red Box and the B:Blunt Academy) and check it out. Good brands ....Butter nails, Philip Kingsley, REN, Purelogica, Jo Wood Organics...to mention a few.

It's cool!

Mulain x

Monday, November 14, 2011



MU product of the day is MAC's Bluebrown Pigment. MU Virginia was doing Sona Mohapatra's make-up last night for her Bandra concert at Land's End. Sona always being one to experiment was happy to have this pigment applied not only on her eyes but also onto the browbones and cheekbones...creating a wash of colour which hit the lights and had instant wow factor....we had kept it like a wash rather than too intense! Try it my darlings....start slowly and build up the look as you like it. MU Virginia used a nice soft brush from Screenface. We then went dark and smudgy on the eyes, no blusher and a beautiful Nars lip stain! Not only did Sona look amazing, what a concert and what a talent.

Sona...Mulain was honestly floored! Wow!

P.S. - new tumblr coming soooooooooooooooooooon - get yourselves ready!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Mulain is uber excited as next week we'll be running our fab make-up master classes for our MU-ettes. Our lovely friend Karen Teitge from London town will be demo-ing special effects over 2 afternoons. Intro to age-ing and casualty make-up. So MU-ettes who fancy seeing latest tips and tricks and treasures straight from London's film and tv world this is the class for you!

Call MU Virginia if interested 09821174351.

Remember ....you never stop learning!

M x

Thursday, November 10, 2011

MU news!


Mulain is uber excited at launching our new on-line blog / tumblr...better for you guys...more news, more pix and in a nutshell more sophisticated and cool!

Monday it'll be up!! 5 -4-3-2-1...woo hoo!

Friday, November 4, 2011

This one's for you Jolie!...... Freida's make-up breakdown

Freida is undoubtedly a lovely canvas to work on who can carry off any look with ease.

This particular shoot of Freida with her mum was for Emma Thompson's charity- 'My safe place'- Freida's safe place is being with her mum.. and so naturally the brief was for Freida to look like herself ..... and all MU Natasha had to do was enhance what Freida naturally possesed....

Here's what she did :

A light application of Estee Lauder's wonderful Double wear foundation in varying mixtures

Bobbi Brown Cream concealer in honey

A light all over dusting of MAC NC 20 Sheer Select loose powder

A mixture of brown and black shadows using a fine small angled brush in light feathery strokes to give definition

Using the Screenface eyeshadow palette- a dusting of a matte taupe shadow all over the eyelid till just above the crease line.... dark brown in the crease and lash line.....MAC Woodwinked in the centre of the lid for a pop of sheen.... ... followed by MAC Coffee pencil smudged into the top and bottom lash lines and set with the Screenface dark brown eyeshadow... and finally Laura Mercier's Black Gold Kohl pencil on the waterline.

Curled and set with Phenomen eyes mascara in black by Givenchy

YSL cream to powder blush applied along the cheekbone in Velvety peach

Screenface natural lipstick pencil used all over followed by Elizabeth Arden's 8 hr skin protectant dabbed on lightly for moisture and shine....

Shisheido cream stick in glistening flush was used lightly on the brow bone and top of cheekbones for a lovely illuminated sheeny effect........et voila.....

Hope this helps ma cherie...... these products mentioned here are a few of the MU's all time favourites that work across the board and are lovely for almost anyone.... go have a look and play and am sure you'll be hooked too!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flying the flag for individuality!

Mulain spotted this pic on little augury's blog post and LOVED it! It's a photo of Daphne Guiness who is just a great example of a living art work...long before Lady Gaga was 'flying the flag of individuality' DG was there being true to art and simply decorating herself in a way that shows her individual style and personality. So my darlings...do something today that shows people what you are! MU-dare is on! DON'T BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!

M x

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bridal Hair Ideas!

Ha ha - had to throw Sarah Palin in...bridal hair in Politics!!! Go Sarah P....

Need help with ideas for bridal hair.....Mulain has picked out some refs for you...mainly updos...taken from red carpets events from Hollywood's finest...also some fashion ones....you might have an edgy bridal belle :).....some are smooth, some are tousled, some have beehives, some are sleek...ask your bride what she wants...but give her a choice. That's the beauty of what we do...we offer creative choice. So importante my darlings!

M x

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fat mu's personal party workshop!


Don't miss out on fat mu's personal party make-up workshop ... a few places left...starting November 14th for 4 days! Great fun, great looks to learn...and make sure you book in to look fab this party season!!

Mulain x

Monday, October 31, 2011

Man-cake? Man-scara?

A question today....so you think men look good with make-up or what!

Mulain wants to know....?

M x

Friday, October 28, 2011

Your country needs YOU!

Mulain was totally inspired by this poster and just made a wee change...ha ha. But totally believe it's true! Need a good career change, starting a career....? Make-up Artistry is a fabulous option for you! Need to chat more about it? Call 09821174351....Career Hotline! We'll answer your questions and concerns....our next pro batches start Jan 2012. Need a change, this might be the opportunity for you!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sexy Nails!

As Mulain was shopping yesterday with MUs Nat and Virg at the YSL counter he noticed the delightful colour combos of their couture manicure sets....fabulous and sexy and different. YSL is such a luxury brand and the texture and consistency of their products is truly amazing! Worth every single penny, rupee, cent...truly! So go get inspired at their counter or on-line and maybe make-up your own combos.

Happy Diwali!

M x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Lovely YSL lips to inspire our shopping trip!

MU Nat's new lip colour Rose Culte! - actually more pink in reality..super sexy!

MU Virginia's Rouge Pur Couture - her first red lipstick! Super posey na? Wannabe Gwen Stefani ha ha!

Nat's new lippie....

Virg's new lippie....

MU-AH!!! Happy Diwali my darlings and hope you are all celebrating and relaxing / partying / being with family etc etc. I tagged along with fellow MUs Virg and Nat to help them pick out their new lipsticks. Intent on Chanel we all forgot that Shopper's Stop at Juhu no longer has Chanel under it's roof....cho chad!! Disappointed for a mili-second we then spied YSL and jumped straight in to trying on bright and bold statement lips. Virg has never been a lipstick wearer and never owned a red lipstick. Mulain was truly aghast...so made her try it on and insist she buy it. Classic and cool, never out of fashion and oh what a pick-me-up! Natasha has not been wearing lippie for a while (but usually a lipstick girl) tried a poppy, sexy pink...Wow! Looked amazing and so current and cool. So the girls left happy and pouting and posing...Mulain is telling you girls (and boys ;) ) ...go treat yourself! Lipsticks armed and ready for action...certainly puts a spring in your step. Age-less style and sophistication! Totally ready for the front lines!

M x

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be a different bride - an original!

Alex Box putting final touches on Kate Shillingford

So it's wedding time eh? Bridal season on? Wedding Belles galore! Mulain went to one of his favourite blogs http://www.littleaugury.blogspot.com/ and found a post dedicated to AN ORIGINAL BRIDE. Go take a look at Kate Shillingford's special day! Lavender hair and a statement mouth with a unique dress and veil which I am sure will be talked about for years to come. Etched in memories. Now all brides are beautiful right? How many are original? Getting married this year? Next year? Be yourself and share the look with the traditional aspects of your culture... remember it's YOUR day...put your personality into your look in some way na?

Had an original wedding? Let me see na???? Would love to see.

Mulain x

P.S. - want a cool bridal look....call fat mu!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Congratulations Batch 7!

Today Mulain is congratulating all the MU-ettes from Batch 7 who passed out today! MU-ah! We love ya all and wish you all the best for the future!!! The school is super quiet without you all! We MU-st have a party soooon for all MU-ettes....yay!

Gearing up for Diwali now and all the exciting workshops coming up til Christmas and New Year. Brace yourselves we have some fab and fun Make-up Bootcamps and Workshops coming up - professionally and personally - woo hoo!

Happy Monday!

Mulain x

Friday, October 21, 2011


Mulain has told MUs Virg and Nat that he is treating them to a new lipstick for Diwali...how cool eh? So...we are going to Chanel and picking a new shade for each of us....getting a signature lipstick is such an accessory for any lady...any age! Such a statement and makes you feel armed and ready to go! Wherever you are. So will let you know which ones we pick.

Mulain is saying why don't you go and do the same for a Diwali treat?

M x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Character Make-up!

So similar to how all the MUs are....one for all!

Dirtying teeth in character class

All our Musketeers!

Final touches on character brows!

MUs Virg and Xavi preparing teeth for dirtying - 'look like a donkey'...:)

Picking moustache for class!

Today was character class and intro to sfx. Batch 7 MU-ettes rocked totally...:). MU Virginia was delighted with the class today....everyone worked hard, listened to the brief and really tried their best in their artistry! Woo hoo! We all created The 3 Musketeers today....beards, moustaches, stubble, sweat, dirt, scars, broken down skin...such fun....ALL DID WELL! Have n't seen the latest version of it....check it out now at your nearest MU-vie hall...

One for all and all for one MU-ettes! M x