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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ben Nye Spirit Gum

Dear all, a little tip straight from MUs Virginia and Xavier in an undisclosed destination in MP. For spirit gum that lasts in the heat, easy to apply, does n't turn white, sticks beards and moustaches down well....try Ben Nye's Matte Adhesive spirit gum. It's available at New Beauty Centre Khar (although currently out of stock!!)...go in and place an order...inexpensive and a good buy to have. In Bombay it's the best option for sure. MUs super busy filming on location, gearing up for Batch 5 of the 8 week pro course...more MU-ettes here we come - fully booked on this one, if you missed the boat this time, there's always September! Caio for now my friends....M x

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