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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animal make-up!

Animal continuity...

MU Virginia is working in the middle of India on a period film with a fantastic Australian make-up and hair crew - what a talented bunch of gals! Dropped in to visit her and one of the artistes was telling me about one of her most unusual jobs...animal make-up and hair! Yes that's right...on the film 'Charlotte's Web' which is the story of a little girl and her relationship with a pig, there are many animal characters in the film and she had to make sure that continuity for all the animals was in place. Eyelashes, adding hair, clipping hair, colouring...what fun! So think about that my darlings and how our skills / techniques have to be adapted to meet the needs of a film / job etc. Exciting and challenging really!

Happy Sunday! M x

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