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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theatrical characters...

Fabulous Clown White!

Super White powder to set the Clown White...added intensity...

Work station in action...refs for inspirations...SHAPES / COLOURS / TEXTURES

...live from the fat mu academy....ok class assessment is on and Mulain is with MU Virginia in class watching the batch 4 MU-ettes in action. All came in this morning and were given their creative briefs for their theatrical characters / performers....we have Show Girls / Christina Aguilera / Chinese Opera Singers / Cirque du Soleil tight-rope walkers....so all getting creative and mixing their products, referencing, using their imagination plus ALL the technical skills they have learnt so far. Just watching our Chinese Opera star being 'done' and Mulain just thought he would share a great product with you...Ben Nye's Clown White base (and the Super White Powder too). The white base is highly pigmented and is a very bright white...giving great impact for stage / distance work. The Super White powder to set it will complete the whole package and keep it in place while adding to the intensity. Make sure you use a smooth sponge for an even application..it's heavy stuff so bear that in mind...don't drag the skin, work sensitively as an artist (especially when removing!!!)......back to class I go...off to watch a Cirque du Soleil make-up underway. Go class go!

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