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Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 hr cream!

Yes we know that there are major global movements going on right now...Earthquakes, countries's political systems / dictatorships dissolving, certain warships on the move but hello!....it's Oscar time!!!..... Hollywood gearing up for the biggest night of the year so let's not focus too much on the gloom and doom and check out the pizazz and circus around LA right now! Mulain is imagining the prep that is going on behind the scenes ... actresses hitting the spas / surgeons / skin specialists...a mad house for sure.....these ladies HAVE to look fantastique...the ultimate showcase. Can't wait to see who wins best make-up and who looks good / bad blah blah....actually Mulain is just hoping it's fun to watch and not too 'perfect'...we are looking for a bit of orginality this year....it's quite dull when everyone looks too good. Anyway...watch this space we'll write up as soon as the show starts.
Mulain's tip for any of these actresses is keep Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream on standby...just in case any outbreaks happen....dry patches, irritations...MU Natasha's skin went crazy last week....combination of too much A/C, Bombay pollution, hard work, eating and sleeping patterns all over the place (it's tough being a make-up artist you know!)....so last weekend she applied the 8 hour all over her face at night and voila it did the trick...in fact me and MU Virginia noted she has never looked better.
So if you're a pro you probably already have it...if you don't...it's a kit MU-st have my friends.....and for any of you out there non-pro...grab it anyway....it really, really is a god-send!
M x


  1. I love this! it's literally a life saver! :)

  2. Yes..it totally is my friend...agree completely...