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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inglot statement lips!

Inglot's cute little Freedom System Lip Palettes....90 colours to choose from!

MU Virginia trying to show you her fave in an 80s inspired snapshot...don't give up your day job!
So Mulain has been quiet on the old blogging front recently...so sorry my friends. Have been so caught up with the fat mu academy, new website (watch this space) and shoots, shows blah, blah, blah! So now back on track and bringing you a cute little palette which is great for statement lips. The above piccie shows a trio of wow lip colours - a pink, a red and a muted coral/pink. Lovely to have in your handbag for change of mood...Lunch date with latest flame? Dinner with in-laws? Girls night out? This little number has a colour for all occasions. Plus it's paraben-free, totally light-weight and is comfy on the lips. Tres importante! So get to an Inglot store near you soon...great for pros and non-pros. Mwah!
Mulain x

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