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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Masking tape for make-up artistes!

Le masking tape!

Take whatever size strips you need.....

MU-ettes in action with le tape!

Keeping their lines super straight and defined!
Today Mulain was in Catwalk class at the academy and was watching MU Virginia demo-ing different tips and tricks for creating designs and shapes and lines.....Mulain just loves the simplicity of masking tape to help us artistes out there on our different jobs. Whether you are creating a crazy 60s eyeline in a rocking, shaking make-up van....or while a hairstylist is blowdrying hair and pulling the head at all angles while you still have to work or creating any required super-straight lines....this tape will help you create the look you want and with speed. Just simply cut off the size you need and stick (lightly) onto the skin....go easy on application and easy on removing!!! You are not waxing your model / performer!....Lightly attach, it'll be easy to remove, once stuck on ...paint away...get your design on and then take away leaving fantastic lines and shapes!
Tomorrow is practical assessment for theatrical characters....can't wait to see how the MU-ettes perform! Come on batch 3 you can do it....
Mulain x

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