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Monday, November 1, 2010

Clown make-ups!

fat mu MU-ettes in clown class!

Happy clown.....

Sad clown....

Mulain thought what a coincidence that Monday's make-up class was clown make-ups and he read in the HT that there is a 'Clown Convention' hitting Bombay this week...for 10 days! Clowns from all over the world are heading to the city to offer workshops in 'how to be a clown' and show how many 'different clowns' there are.....great for kids but also but make-up artistes!
Clown class in the MU academy is a great way to introduce the students to creating different shapes on the face, thus creating moods and effects...happy clown, sad clown...also playing with different textures of make-up to achieve the look. Also great practice for working free-hand, getting your symmetry correct and LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!!! Very important.....so a great session to cement that all-rounded touch you need as an artiste.
It's one of Mulain's favourite classes.....M x

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