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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stress management for make-up artistes!!

Essential attitude for all make-up artistes....

To all make-up artistes and our MU-ettes.....being a make-up artist is not just about making it happen creatively...no, no my friends....that's just the half of it! You have to be able to handle people and situations in any environment...you most be an oasis of calm and 'togetherness' to get the job done and done well. You have to manage time too and some lousy places to do your make-ups. No lights, bad mirrors, rocking make-up vans, dusty studio rooms.....it ain't all glamour my darlings. As our lovely MU-ettes find out in the class room..it's about doing a make-up in a certain amount of time. When you're on a job the clock is ticking.....every second of every minute counts.....you have to be the ultimate multi-tasker....studying faces, while prepping skin while managing a team, while dealing with the photographer, stylist, client, agency, bride, mother of bride.....it's not an easy job and you have to be able to handle the pressure! Feeling sorry for yourself is not an option...you MU-st have a 'can-do' positive attitude. It's essential......face any situation head on...face the fear.....breathe...sip water.....smile.....have a plan and never just knee jerk react to situations....take a few vital seconds to stop and think....use your brain....that's what it's there for na?

Here endeth Mulain's lesson of the day....


  1. I do feel better now ! We All Do Actualy !! Thank u so much ! we just need to practice to be calm now ! :) :) :) :)thank u again !

  2. You're most welcome Melanie!!! practice makes perfect - and stay clam!!....... always remember that ;-) ... love Mulain x