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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toulouse-Lautrec inspiration!

Lautrec inspired us for the Circus / theatrical shoot we did last week...

The MUs creating the Madame look with the camp wrestler in the back...

Shapes to inspire painted on eyebrows

A hair design to give us ideas....

A scene from HBO's 'Carnival'.....to see a modern take on a circus

A bearded lady poster....

More hair inspiration

More hair sketches.....

And back to Lautrec....

Mulain thought it would be of interest to you artists out there to see how the MUs research for their shoots and fashion work...actually any work! As we preach and preach and preach in the academy.....DON'T COPY!.....take inspiration from what has been done before and build on it injecting your own style, ideas and take on the brief. Tres importante. Plus it's much more exciting to create your own magic my darlings.

Virginia MU did a TVC last week and the theme was a 'theatrical, quirky circus troupe'...fabulous brief and a real chance for the MUs to get out there and play with their brushes and paints! Firstly we identified how many characters we had to create and then we worked on the individuality of each one. We had 2 bearded ladies, 1 madame, 1 crazy drummer, 'a head' on a table, 5 bald men, a 'camp' wrestler. Each one got a stamp of individuality with a comical twist but all kept within the same colour palette to hold them together as a group and keep in with the costumes and production design.

Theatrical eyebrows played a key role in all the characters and we painted on some lovely shapes...made them bigger and bolder and gave the 'madame' a mono-brow for an extra quirk. (Does help if your director trusts you and has the vision to back you on your ideas!!) We also threw in a 2010 Lady Gaga touch with everyone....with glitter and lashes. We researched dancers, performers, circus acts, the 'bizarre' and also took huge inspiration from Toulouse-Lautrec one of the great Impressionist artists. His vibrant, buoyant slightly caricature take on the subjects in his paintings helped us hugely....from the colours to the shapes he created and the mood of his paintings. Merci monsieur...and Mulain recommends you all google him and observe.

Key products and tools for this shoot!

A steady hand and no shaking make-up van!!!!!
Paint / art brushes
Grease palette (Kryolan is a good option)
Aqua palette (try Kryolan again)
Selection of whacky lashes (Doris and Bharat, India, Charles Fox, London)
Clown white (Ben Nye)
Eyeshadow palette (Ben Nye)
Blusher palette (Ben Nye)
Aqua glitter pots - utterly fabulous (Ben Nye)
Facial (beards and moustaches) - (theatrical shops or your nearest wig maker / postiche maker)

All in all we had a great time apart from the crazy moving make-up van and can't speak for the bearded ladies though...ummm...may not be speaking to us now...hee hee. Mulain wants to do more shoots like this my friends...SUCH FUN and SO CREATIVE!!!!

Take care and get researching!

M x

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