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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Golding leafing Hi! Blitz shoot with Lara Dutta

Mulain and the MUs have been awaiting the launch of the September issue of Hi! Blitz to see how their Ajanta themed / gold-leafing body art shoot went. See shoot above. It's very different to how we wanted....and unfortunately the magazine ran out of time to do the necessary post to make the images look like Ajanta paintings. So...we are a little heavy-hearted at this end as we have worked towards this shoot for months....so much prep plus the actually day of shoot the make-up, hair and body art took 5 hours!!!! Natasha MU did n't stop to take breath getting the gold leaf and patterns and shapes on, while getting the body airbrushed too! MU Virginia worked side by side creating elaborate hair styles to match each change....and MUs Xavier and Pooja flanked them in creative support....anyway...onwards and upwards...there are more shoots to do...do let us know what you think my friends of this shoot?
And any questions about gold-leafing...ask away!
M x

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