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Monday, September 6, 2010

The make-up space!

A good, clean, bright working environment is essential to an artiste!

You want good eyelines? Give your artist the right, calm, non-moving place to do it! MU Sara on the Indigo Airlines TVC

The young MUs Nat and Virg in their make-up hq for a film in Gujurat, set up in an old palace - we created a lovely, homely, happy place for the actors to come in and get into character

A nice, calm, relaxing working space to paint, spray, stick, glue...whatever an artist wants to do, Natasha on Slumdog

Desperate times in a make-up van on Luck By Chance.... it was very hot!

Dancing in the make-up during lunch hour to help unwind on Outsourced!

Good mirrors and lights are essential....Natasha during Luck By Chance
MU Xavier trying to paint in theatrical eyelines while also trying to keep himself steady....we are like the Cirque de Soleil of make-up artistes really.....
MUs Natasha and Virginia have both been on shoots last week (Natasha is still on hers) and both complained about the 'moving' make-up vans they had to work with. Mulain chuckles to himself as he is just a mere bystander but watching the artistes trying to work and create difficult eyelines with a steady hand while ADs are coming in and out, slamming doors, models moving around is not easy my darlings...it's like a zoo....really....plus MU Virginia had the van man walking on top of the van too ...icing on the cake...it's like being on a ship in these vans. We also got told in the middle of working....'we have to move the van'....so all of us had to hold onto all the make-up equipment and products and go through 5 mins of being shunted back and forward....one just has to laugh.
So to all you budding make-up artistes out there in India and the world. Good luck! Mulain tip is to insist on a van or space which is for make-up and hair only. Has security, has good lights, is clean, good ventilation. Remember it is not a holding area for actors / models ...it is a professional working area. We at fat mu take our work very seriously and do get upset when we cannot perform properly....cos when it's up on the big screen it's your name on it! So remember your working space should be as you want it!
Put your foot (feet) down my friends and demand what is rightfully yours!
M x

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