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Friday, September 3, 2010

TGI Friday!!!!

The MUs have been working hard all week in the Academy and on shoots so looking forward to Friday night and the weekend!!!!! Woo-hoo.....Lots on still.....Our favourite fat mu MU-se Madame Nomita Morrison is coming to town (fantastique), fat mu students final photo shoot tomorrow (can't wait to see their creations).....waiting to see our Hi-Blitz shoot with Lara Dutta (think it hits the streets tomorrow my friends) and sorting out future shoots and classes. Phew...this city never stops!
Going at this mad pace will kill us all Mulain feels so taking time out this weekend to keep fit and do some walking and yoga. Inspired by MU Virginia's Puma ad (see above) Mulain is going to don his best sporting attire and feel the burn but making sure he has fun too. Tres importante! So my dears if you too are feeling burnt out and frazzled by mad Mumbai, Mulain suggests you do the same.....you will feel a whole lot better I can assure you of that.
Enjoy your Friday nights! Mwah!
M x

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