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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cupid's Bow Lips

Loving Rita Hayworth's Cupids Bows above....



Visualise Cupid's actual bow to get the shape you want

Mulain loves the fact that Cupid's Bow Lips are in fashion....Yay! Now all we have to do is get that shape right. Most important, it is vital to imagine the shape you want...see images above to help, then just follow the rules....
1) Lips should be primed and ready for lipstick (light exfoliation with your toothbrush boys and girls)...and balm of course.
2) With a soft, but firm lip pencil outline the bow shape...this is a critical stage of your lip design...make sure it is even both sides and curved.....no sharp points on top anywhere and must match colour of your lipstick...no darker outlines pl-e-ase.
3) When your shape is outlined, with your lipstick or lip brush fill in the shape......pick a nice, rich, luxuriant, matt colour....Chanel is always a good bet my darlings.....
4) Check to see the colour of your lipstick reaches all of your lips, edges too please!
5) Highlight above the top lip with a silvery tone for cool tones...for warmer tones try a more golden one. This accentuates the lips and draws attention to the mouth.
6) Smile and pout and you are ready to rock 'n' roll my friends.
Excited for all of you and this look...enjoy it and make sure your statement lips have a statement smile.

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