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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bearded ladies!

Mulain is so excited about tomorrow....2 shoots to drop into with MU's Natasha and Virginia.......one a glamour shoot and one full of circus freaks! Love the contrast, totally different challenging briefs involved....expect both MUs will be pooped! Dropping in on MU Virginia first up as want to see her getting her circus 'bearded ladies' ready...what fun.....not sure Indian TV or Film has ever seen a beautiful lady with a full-on beard on.....after doing the look test today Mulain and the creative team admitted that strangely the beards did n't distract from the beauty of the girls.....as seen on Ms. Salma Hayek above....it's tres cool and different. Could we start a trend here? Mulain would love that....Also creating a feminine strong man and other fun characters all with different quirks and features.

Mulain will write all about it when he is done. Up at 5am so early to bird my little chick-a-dees..

Bon nuit x M x

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