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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Natural lips!

Mulain was listening to the news this morning...my goodness so much going on in our global vill-age!.....Moscow is threatened by fires, poor Pakistan is suffering awful tragic floods, Naomi Campbell in court over a blood diamond and lots of Billionaires giving away their money (Mulain loves Warren Buffett).....in amongst all this Mulain was sent a message from one of our favourite MU-ses about a brand called KORRES, read on my friends (some light relief!).....
This Greek brand available through sephora (http://www.sephora.com/) puts emphasis on natural skin care and beauty products.....example...all the lippy products above have yummy sounding fruit names and are packed with Vitamins and nutrients for your lips. They contain NO Parabens, Sulpates, GMOs, synthetic fragrances etc....Mulain loves this idea! Natural lips...lovely idee non? Lots of other products also with this brand...great colours, good packaging, nice ethics....Mulain is ticking those boxes....it all seems good!
Check it out....M x
P.S. - Thanks for the tip Madame Morrison...you're too cool for school! Mwah!

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