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Friday, August 6, 2010

Make-up artistes beware....

Make-up artistes watch your backs!!!!

MUs Virg and Nat with their waist pouches on....no heavy bags on set!

High chair - use a chair that is the right for you....

Get yourselves some wheels!

It's because I care.....and we MU-st practice what we preach......we tell all our fat mu students and fellows MUs to watch their backs while working at all times......so important, health is wealth. Make sure your working environment is comfortable for you to do your job properly....bend over as little as possible. Don't lug big bags on your shoulders...get some wheels now! Make yourself mobile, portable and get into the habit now. Also wearing comfy, shoes with cushioned soles will change your life for the better.....Do I sound like I am nagging today....it's because I care my darlings..Mulain wants you to have a long career....not a few years of the good life then stooped and in pain for the rest.
Head to Beauty Palace, New Beauty Centre in Mumbai and check out what is available......in London hit Screenface, or MAP....you want regret it, start today and you'll be thanking little ol' moi the rest of your days....
M x

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