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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SFX in fashion!

August GQ 2010

August GQ

Mulain saw GQ's 'gangster' style fashion story that MU Xavier did for the August issue. Such fun and he has done such a great job ....have to say the whole creative team worked super well together.....captained by photographer Tarun Vishwa. Mulain loves it! Most artistes love doing special effects but never get enough chances to create bruises, cuts, grazes etc in their work. You all should be ready for it my darlings.....Xavier was booked to do this GQ shoot with some warning that there would be a bit of blood etc....actually he had to do bruising plus scarring.....so make sure you know your stuff!

There is quite a demand for sfx (that's special effects for those not in the know) ....the fat mu academy include it as an intro in the 8 week pro course and we also run sessions for beginners.....MU Xavier is in hot demand after this shoot! Interested ...... mail us at fatmuadmin@gmail.com .....

A dry day in Mumbai today....lovely.....finally drying off a bit.....mon dieu!

M x

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