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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Individual lashes

Never used individual lashes my friends? Then read on....Mulain was with MU Virginia yesterday on a shoot for an actress, publicity stills for her up-coming film and we had lots of fun creating different looks, moods, make-ups for her. The lovely lady in question has utterly beautiful lashes naturally, with a natural lift...(some people are so lucky, myself included :)...)....so when we came to some glamour looks instead of adding full-on strip lashes, MU Virginia just popped on a couple of individuals on each side just to add a little bit more glamour, effect and definition, without going over the top. Very easy to put on and really effective so the MUs are saying go on-line and get yourself a packet or two!
These little treasure are popped in (using tweezers) after your make-up look is complete...so eyeshadow and liner in place, natural lashes curled, mascara added....then dab a bit of eyelash glue onto your hand or palette.....with your tweezers, pick up one lash from the pack and dab the end in the glue. Important to wait til the glue is tacky and starts to go transparent....wait around 20 to 30 seconds...ask your artist to close her (his) eyes, relax and place the lash right at the root line of the lashes. Gently nestle it in with the tweezers.....if you are doing around 4 or so...make sure you allow an even spacing between each one...remember you are going for a natural, enhanced lash look.....so you're aiming for an even spread. Tip...start at the outer corners of the eyes with a couple and build up the look slowly.
Good stockists are http://www.mistermascara.com/ or http://www.screenface.co.uk/ ..... Boots in UK also do them...readily available. Good for all occasion.....makeovers, brides, film stars, party nights...(you also get coloured ones which are lots of fun).
Hope your days were good darlings......off for my beauty sleep now....speak soon....
M x

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