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Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 step make-up application

I seem to be getting a lot of women on the go asking me how to do a quick 5 minute face .... so here my darlings is a quick 5 step make-up that should take you less than 5 minutes... and have you looking like more polished, sophisticated versions of yourself without spending too much time in front of the mirror or piling the make-up on.... this look works for everyone! so read on.....

step 1- concealer-hide those unwanted blemishes and dark circles... see a spot peeping through on a big day?... fear not, concealer is here to save the day... this one is a must for most of us.... get the right shade and it'll change your life darlings.... I promise...
MAC do great ones.

step 2 - powder - set your concealer and take away any unwanted shine. Get that polished fresh faced look in no time. Carry a compact version in your bag at all times for a quick easy dab.

step 3- mascara - work up from the root of the lashes in a zig zag movement for a good even application and maximum definition on the lash line- top and bottom.
Maybelline, L'Oreal and Lancome come out on top!

step 4- blusher- a leetle colour never hurt anyone...whether it's a natural flush you're after or more definition on your cheekbones... sweep on to either the apples of your cheeks or your cheekbones for a nice fresh and healthy look. Great for those days when you're feeling particularly blah!

Step 5- lipstick or gloss - want to make a statement ?... apply a bright lipstick... something simpler and yet effective?.... a slick of gloss on the go is perfect for a natural or a sexy look... whatever your mood....

Hope this gets some of you started and inspired to start wearing make-up and looking and feeling a lot better about yourselves!



  1. I do four out of five (no blush) and I look great regardless of how little I've slept, how much my skin has broken out and how tired I am. I cannot recommend concealer enough!
    Thanks ladies
    Suzanne D

  2. So true....lovely to hear from you SD....

    Do keep letting us know your thoughts...

    Mulain x