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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Serge Leutens Lipsticks

Recently I tagged along with my MUs to meet Natasha's tutor from the London College of Fashion... what really struck me was how lovely the lady looked at first glance and besides the ultra chic haircut what stood out most and flattered, was her lovely ruby red lipstick!... Of course I had to ask what she was wearing... 'Serge Leutens' she said... at 53 GBP a lipstick! WHAT!! Since then I have been thinking at how outrageous make-up prices have got and how much more outrageous it is that people are willing to pay for it!!! Oh well.. to each his/her own I suppose... and if that's something that makes you feel beautiful and good then why not eh?
So for those of you who can afford it... check out Serge Leutens make-up line... and for those who can't like myself... check it out anyway.... no harm in a leetle window shopping eh?...

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