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Friday, March 5, 2010

Gaga about the Lady!

Wow! is all we can say when we look at her... always awaiting her next appearance to see what look she's sporting... so inspirational... makes you think who is the brain behind Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga in a very short time has become a huge brand which is herself...(himself?)... top points to her for being a top sport and willing to carry out all these fantabulous looks!... it's what I would say the future 'looks' like... and top points to her stylist! Complete out of the box thinking...

She has become so big that the Estee Lauder company is apparently cashing in (literally) on her fame... Gaga along with Cyndi Lauper is the spokesperson for Viva Glam by MAC and apparently due to her fame the sales of the Viva Glam product have gone beyond ... are you ready..... $1.1million in the FIRST month!! WOW!
Apparently it has also been said that 3-4 percent of Estee Lauder's growth in 2010 could come from their association with Madame Gaga!... that percentage my dears may seem small... but when you talk in billions or trillions even ... especially for a company like Estee Lauder it works out to a HUGE ( if I could write this bigger I would...) amount of cash!! Wow!!...I can't stop saying that.... Wow!... talk about fame... popularity and having an influence over the masses.... and its easy to see why... and so lets pay tribute to the lady, get inspired and and go gaga over her style!

.... WOW!!... (... again!)


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