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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Get Candied!

Candies.. Popsicles.. Cakes.. are not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes... we have all been known to 'Oooooh' when we see beautiful displays of cakes or mouth watering colourful popsicles on a hot summers day... all lovely to look at .. so why not take inspiration from these beautiful looking 'foods' (would n't quite call it that... but...) that so perfectly complement this season... ?
Lovely Lollies...... great shapes and colour combinations .... get inspired and play around with 2 or more colours on your eyes or perhaps different colours on eyes and lips... look for complementing or contrasting combinations... whatever your style...

Pretty Popsicles.... pure solid colour. Simple and beautiful. Pick any one as a solid matt colour over the eye or go for the lips with a matt red mouth or a juicy orange gloss.... take your pick and make it a statement with lovely clean skin and one solid block of colour doing all the talking...

Flirty Fruitgums..... we're talking opaque colour with gloss... deep wines.. plums and reds on the mouth... lacquered lips.... very sexy!... Chanel do a beautiful variety in their 'Rouge Allure Laque' Collection...

Cute cupcakes..... soft pastel colours... very pretty on anyone wearing them... very 'in' now... Maybelline has lovely pastels in it eyes and cheeks 'mousse' collection.... great colours on nails too!

Hope this has inspired you to start using colour my darlings... colour is fun... dont let it intimidate you... it's time to discover your alter ego!


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