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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The eyes have it all......

So why do I think that everyone is looking to India for inspiration?.... this is all guess work of course......... but it seems obvious..... first with the Spring colour collection... I think Holi.... then the film Avatar... obviously derived from the Sanskrit term 'Avatara'.. which means descent and refers to a descent of a deity..... a deity in Hindu mythology was / is always portrayed as blue.... see the connection... mmm... I think so.... read more about what it means at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar... and then now straight of the Milan catwalks again.. its come to light that for Autumn / Winter 2010 statement eyes are in too! ... and by statement they mean... liquid liner and kohl!....mmmm.... 2 things that are synonymous with Indian women!... infact we at fat mu HQ often say that Indian women are born with kohl.... so what do you think... West looking East?? I'd say so.... though I have to say I'm not sure I like this trend.... it's hard enough getting Indian women to break away from this and now it'll be even harder!.... so... Mulain has an idea!! If liner and kohl are here to stay then why not try to do something different as much as possible non?
Here are a few suggestions... try Retro eyelines... go playful and exaggerated a la Amy Winehouse .... or instead of a flick try a blunt geometric outer edge? Maybe don't wear liner all the way through the eye (unless your eyes are wide set) start at the middle going out or just the outer corner... or extend the line into your crease.... go really thin or really thick even .. or just draw a shape and break the straight line we are all so used to....or then just go classic like Cleopatra where it all started... why not eh? I think you'd be surprised at how good it can look..... just play and be experimental I say.... below are some images to help you break the conventional mode, have fun and get creative!

Products to help you achieve this look are:
Lakme- Liquid liner and pen
MAC- fluid line
Bobbi Brown- gel eyeliner
Benefit- duo cake liner
If using a brush what I find really works other than the thin ones meant for lining eyes are in fact a lip brush - yup you read that right.... lip brushes are great for eyelining and give good control and flicks! try it!

.... as for the kohl... there's only so much you can do... please prove me wrong!... instead of just applying it conventionally again try to go for a really smudgy sultry all around the eye look..... a bit more rocker.... or the morning after look which never fails to impress...
Good Kohl pencils/ pots/ tubes are available at:
Shahnaz Hussain
Estee Lauder

.... or for the best and most budget friendly one thats really good is 'Surma' original Pakistani kohl... try get your hands on one... either from Mohd. Ali road in Mumbai or from Pakistan?!
or then do what grandma Mulain does... heat a stainless steel spoon over an open flame/ candle and scrape the black that this makes and collect in a leetle pot and apply with your fingers... sound strange? I know .. it does... but it works... some people even burn cashews... but nevermind that for now.....

Remember you DON'T have to apply eyeliner and kohl together.... one CAN work without the other.... Have fun experimenting!!!... and remember to tell Mulain how it all goes......



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