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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All about Brows!

So designers at Milan fashion week have decided to 'add' to their 'nineties minimalism' look...
So Brows a la Brooke Shields are back in a big way and 'outdoorsy peachy skin' is in!...thank god a little more oomph... it was all starting to look a bit bleak!

Dark, bold brows are beautiful on women (and men...mmmm) and really frame their face well and actually bring it to life... so for the few of us who are not fortunate enough to be born with them here are a few tips on how to cheat them...
Eyebrow pencils - Available at most beauty counters... but I have to say we MUs are not big on them.. they never tend to look natural and always look drawn in... how can that ever be attractive?.... although saying that I have seen a lot of women in the Middle East sporting that look - different ideal of beauty eh?... interesting that... topic for another day!.... OK so back to eyebrow pencils.... stay light with your touch and get accustomed to using light feathery strokes to achieve the most natural look.....
Eyeshadows - A much preferred option... opt for matt shadows and a colour close to your natural hair colour.. this coupled with a good brow brush are all you need to help you achieve those lovely dark natural looking 'I was born with these brows' look... again light feathery strokes are key and you can keep them tres natural one day or give them a nice classic shape the other.. whatever takes your fancy....
products that help achieve this easily are :

Make Up Factory- Have a great affordable 2- in- 1 'eyebrow powder set' with brushes and stencils - available at new beauty center - no.2 is great on indian skins..

Benefit- 'Brow Zings'- brow shaping kit - comes with 2 shadows/ brush and tweezers
Benefit- 'Brows- a- go-go' comes with 3 colours of shadow for filling in brow / brush/ tweezer AND an eyebrow pencil AND a highlighter for lifting the brow and opening up the eye area- truly an all in one product for brows... we love Benefit!

Other than these you can just pop in to MAC or Bobbi Brown and pick up a shadow with the help of an artist... and don't worry too much about the cost as the product will last you a long, long time...

If you're the type who can't be bothered doing this everyday and want a slightly more permanent option try brow and lash dyeing... no not with your hair dye... the outcome would not be pleasant so please don't attempt this at home... there are special dyes for eyebrow and lashes which stay on for about 3-4 weeks and give you a lovely, natural oomph without looking unnatural... I personally love it! You can have them done here at our fat mu HQ with our makeover specialist Sara or at Venu's skin clinic.... want more details ? Ask Mulain!

... and finally once you've got your brows looking the way you want.. keep them in place by applying a good brow gel, MAC and Ben Nye do great ones that don't flake on you... then finish off by popping the look with a highlighter -'Highbeam' by Benefit (again....!) is just gorgeous.. or 'High Brow' a highlighter pencil.. yes again by Benefit is a good one too. Apply just beneath the arch of the brow on the brow bone .. et voila! Be-eautiful!

Hope this helps.... should you have any more questions Mulain is here to help!



  1. Hi
    Nice guidance for the eyebrows..which are a very important part of our face. I personally have never liked thin/narrow eyebrows, and I'm someone who can never do my own eyebrows..so I always have to go to a parlour to get my brows done, but they always end up making my eyebrows very thin. Last time I was in India I got my brows done in a parlour in Select City walk mall and I just loved it but unfortunately I couldn't keep the same shape that they had formed for me in the parlour as I mentioned that I cannot even touch my eyebrows as I'm quite bad with it so I might end up ruining them completely.wish we had some indian parlours here in Sweden as well...but but :(

    As far as pinky/peachy face is concerned I just love it and I wish I was fair so that I could also wear a peachy/pinky look :)

    Thanks for choosing interesting and important topics..every advice you give is very very helpful, and I wish I came across your blog earlier..I bumped in to your blog like a week ago and I've become a fun of your blog and and and I wish you do make-up breakdowns (videos would be more appealing) in future..like showing step by step the make-up you do for people, specially celebrities..I know it won't be that easy and very time consuming but that's just a wish :)

    best of luck to you and your SUPER team!

    Best Regards

  2. Mulain is blushing with pride ZG...thank you so much for your flattery...Mulain strives very hard to keep the blog up-to-date, current and cool.

    We will be doing tutorials on line soon...I promise you that....

    Keep tuning in and ask away if there's anything you want to know..

    Mulain is here...24/7 ...365

    M x

  3. love love love this blog!! fat mu girls im glad you have such interesting and informative blogs. will be following the updates wherever i travel. you know who this is!! hehe! These girls are the BEST!!

    im stopping by to get an eyebrow makeover!

  4. Merci mystery lady... oui we know who you are... and Mulain cant stop blushing after all the flattery coming his way! hehe! so glad you like it and will be following.. i am tickled and please do keep writing in ... we lo-ove to hear from you!
    ... and yes please stop by anytime to get an eyebrow or full makeover.. whatever takes your fancy... we are always happy to help!