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Monday, January 18, 2010

The power of green!

Mulain has just spent a glorious weekend in the countryside of Maharashtra.....surrounded by trees, butterflies, lizards, flora....so soothing for the soul my friends and what clean air! Oh la la...... And after watching Avatar 3D and knowing how important it is having 'green' in your life....it is not just nice my darlings...it is essential to our well-being. So what if you can't get out of the city to feel nature and breathe properly...get some plants in your flat! Learn to nurture and appreciate them. Watch Discovery Channel, National Geographic...tap in whenever you can....look after the planet and it will look after you...mu-tual respect is needed my friends. Check out the Greenpeace website to see how you can help your environment and see http://www.greenpeople.co.uk/ to observe how some cosmetic companies keep it all safe and green.
We are getting more and more enquiries at fat mu HQ about mineral make-up and going natural...so keep you eyes and ears peeled my friends and go as natural as you can....a rose water spritz from good old Fabb India is a good way to start.
A much refreshed Mulain x


  1. Oh Mulain, you are so right. Green is so important to us. After looking at white, white, white for days and days here in the UK, it is so energising to now see green. And more and more green cosmetic companies are now being formed as I was reading at the weekend. Save our lovely planet.

  2. Yes Lady Squirrel....so right....we must all try and conserve, re-use etc etc....chalo...x