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Friday, January 15, 2010

Make-up Artist Magazine

Make-up Artist Magazine Jan/Feb 2010..

My MUs featured in Make-up Artist Magazine in 2009.....ah...how time flies my friends....

How to keep up with the make-up times?....obviously YouTube tutorials help but Mulain also recommends getting / viewing Make-up Artist Magazine.....it's full of industry news from around the world. From fashion make-up, to tools, latest products, awards, films, techniques, tips, interviews, SFX, Q&As...it will keep you in the loop (par example find out what Rick Baker and Pat Mcgrath say) and will keep adding to your knowledge....and what is knowledge my friends?....that's right....power! You have to know what is happening 'out there' on planet make-up...no excuses.....there is not only one brand out there, one brush, one sponge...there is a whole kaleidoscope of information waiting for you to dip into.....have a look at http://www.makeupmag.com/ or visit the Kryolan Store, Beauty Palace in Oshiwara to pick up your own copy. Cannot recommend the magazine enough.
If you head to the store...do check out all the latest Kryolan stuff too...fantastic way to shop for make-up...you can try products and the staff are very well-trained. A well managed, well displayed retail experience....well done Kryolan Mumbai!
Off for a bridal trial my darlings...off I fly...
Mulain x

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