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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colour theory.....

Mulain and the MUs were chatting today, as we are fine-tuning our professional course...and we all agreed just how important 'colour theory' is with regards to our work. All make-up artists must understand the world of colour to really become the best artist they can be. So ask yourselves....do you know what the Primary Colours are....? What is a tint? ....What is a hue? What are warm or cool colours....if you cannot answer any of the above then you must called Mulain right now to book up on our course!...If you know a leetle bit ....still not good enough....you must know all of it! It will only help you in your work my friends from films to the beauty counter. Buy a little pad and water-colour set and start mixing colours and seeing what happpens....experiment and the world of colour will start to appear before your very eyes.....

Education and knowledge are so important my darlings.....as are practice and practice and more practice...and even more.....

Mulain is off for to finish his painting he is doing....will post when done....my masterpiece...'Dada in Dadar'......don't know what Dada-ism is?....shame on you artists....google it!

Mwah for now...M x

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