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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Traditional Sleeping Beauty.....wise gal got her 8 hours in!

Mulain was with Virginia and the MU gang this morning and we all agreed that 'sleep' is the ultimate beauty ingredient. All were super tired from a long shooting day, the models were tired too....everyone lagging and looking and feeling drained. Sleep deprivation! Just terrible....the affect it has on your skin, eyes, immune system, relationships...shall I go on? So Mulain is asking you are you getting enough?

Those in the know say adults should be getting around 7-8 hours a night (pregnant women exempt...you need lots more!)....and preferably before midnight. Now everyone is different and can survive on less or more than required....Mulain would love 9 hours a night...dream on cowboy!

Without getting into what the scientists say about Rapid Eye Movement sleep etc...get to know your own sleep patterns and do what is right for you. Living in a noisy flat or neighbourhood then try ear-plugs? Room too light....try a fancy pair of eye-masks? Mulain finds that a winner....do try it my darlings...

Audrey Hepburn looking cool in her mask!

So get some sleep, kip, rest, zzzzzzs, 40 winks and see the results - you'll feel better, perform better, have clarity of thought, good memory and be a happy, chirpy little soul.

Hope I have changed your lives for the better my friends....off for a quick power snooze myself....

Mulain x

P.S. - Below are some other cool masks...Mulain loo-ves....

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