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Monday, December 14, 2009

Nail it

We here at fat mu love O.P.I nail colours.... great colour variety... easy glide on texture and nice brush just the right size for an even application. O.P.I is a fairly new brand and it's amazing how fast they've become No.1! What's great is that you can now test colours on their site to see what they look like... no its not some virtual scan your hand in kinda thing... but they do have a hand on which you can change the skin shade to match yours and the nail size to test what the colour will look like on you!.. clever is n't it?.... Below is a picture of what the page looks like... so to try it out just click on the O.P.I link below and then click on 'try on this colour'. I randomly chanced across a colour called 'Moon over Mumbai' (see below)... not sure what I think of this colour... a bit blah if you ask me.. maybe it's the colour of the moon over smoggy Mumbai......? Who knows... but I love the name and love the fact that they thought of Mumbai.... maybe a brighter colour range for Mumbai Mr. O.P.I?... it is India after all and we are known for our colour..... but none the less.....great colours... quirky names and a fantastically wide range..... check it out .....


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