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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avatar...it's the future...

Mulain is eagerly awaiting the Indian release of James Cameron's Avatar with such excitement...this movie, claimed to be the most expensive ever (don't they always say that?), is ground-breaking in it's 3D technology and is maybe paving the way for others films to work in the same way....Mulain is asking...if computers are doing all the make-up and effects what will happen to film and TV make-up artists? Even now on fashion shoots and TV ads the phrase...'don't worry we'll do it in post' sends chills down most make-up artists' spines....what does the future have in store for us.....are computers taking over the world?

We are living in interesting times my friends....technology in all industries is moving and advancing at such a fast pace....but we mu-st all try and keep up. My advice to artists is to understand as much as you can about 'post' so that you can on a shoot say confidently...'No, it's ok, no need for post...I am here'.....take control of the situation as much as possible, try and stay ahead of the game .

And remember there will be always be work for make-up artists. The lesson is to adapt my friends....so get your brains in gear. Think brides, real people, make-overs, people will still need le maquillage...it's been around for thousands of years and will not disappear now...no need to stress.....

Have a great day and remember the future's bright, the future is make-up!

Mulain x

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