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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to be a beach babe...

Our starting point reference sunkissed / bronzed beach babe glamour

'Odd Couple' mineral eye-duo from MAC

Love multi purpose creme stick by Nars - 'Malibu'

MAC's Paint pot - 'Constructivist'

One of MAC's best buys....'Clear Lipglass'

Fabulous Benefit's 'Flamingo Fancy' - great bronzer for the skin....all over!

Shiseido's creme sticks ....they're all fabulous!

Revlon's 'Skin-lights'.....all used and brilliant to work with...

It was a glorious day yesterday my friends.....Mulain spent the day with MU Virginia at the JW Marriot hotel in Juhu by the Arabian sea, next to their amazing infinity pool creating a beach babe / sunkissed look for Neha Dupia. Luckily Neha has beautiful glowing skin, such a lovely canvas thus making the look we wanted easier to achieve. Mulain was watching MU Virginia work....so here's how she created the look - now listen up and remember good blending and no hard lines - sexy and smoldering is key!
1 - Skin prepped - Cleansed, toned, moisturized (with an SPF)...Benefit's 'You Rebel' is great for this - remember your look is glowing, fabulous skin!
2 - A Ben Nye's bronze creme was placed all over the eye-lids as a base, MAC's 'Woodwinked' was brushed on top to set the creme and add that 'je ne sais quoi'.....
3 - Urban Decay's soft and easy-to-work with eye crayons were then used on the top and bottom lash lines to put some definition in - black and khaki.
4 - Benefit's 'Flamingo Fancy' liquid bronzer, a simple moisturizer (good old St.Ives) and Revlon's darker 'Skinlight' liquid were then mixed in a bowl and with a foundation brush applied to Neha's face and body...and yes mu-st n't forget our lovely Armani Sheer Fluid which was dashed along the cheekbones. Simply marvellous......
5 - Mascara was added and slightly more black added for definition on the eyes....
6 - For lips, Virginia created her own 'nude' shade - a combination of Lancome, Revlon, Nars and MAC 'Lipglass' in clear was added on top to give a lovely, juicy pout. Mwah!
7 - Derma was used for concealor ...brightening the eye area and around the nose.
8 - Nars's 'Malibu' was added on the cheeks and eyes - a dab here, a dab there and worked into the skin...as too were the yummy Shiseido cremes....
9 - MAC's paint-pot 'Constructivist' was used to contour the cheeks slightly, lovely texture easy to use.
NO HARD LINES - all colours and textures merging into one seemless finish - no lines anywhere my darlings.
10 - A MAC 'Blotpowder' was used to remove any unwanted shine...tip of nose, chin....the t-zone 'danger' - area the rest of the area was left to shine and glow.
11 - Virginia decided to add on some MAC's 'Oddcouple' bronze/gold mineral eye shadow onto the lids to pop the look....it has a lovely, grainy / sandlike texture...which was great for the beach-side look.
Shooting outside in 30 degree heat means this look is quite high-maintenance....so be on the ball with the make-up fading, smudging etc....keeping the look freshly done is the tricky part....so be on it!
Was great fun and Neha was a super-trooper....off for an early night my darlings as think the sun has zapped all my energy today....oh la la not as young as I used to be!
Mulain x

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