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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make-up Design

MUs Natasha and Xavier teaching make-up design.....

MU Virginia in teaching session....

Mulain read an article in The Times of India titled 'Designer Dreams'....it opens saying that there is a rising demand for designers from various fields in India...it mentions fashion....product design...interior..but alas no make-up :(...... It also states that prospects in the design industry are enormous and lucrative. "Design is a professional capability of creating and developing concepts and realising them into products and systems for the mutual benefit of both, user and manufacturer. The design of objects, services and systems requires the synthesis and knowledge of a variety of disciplines. Design thinking brings together the finest sensibilites of the arts with the logic of science in an innovative framework. While learning a craft brings students close to materials and material culture, a design attitude and methodology helps them realise larger patterns in the fabric of society".....phew....did you get that? Basically...designing is the future.....that includes make-up! Make-up design for film, for television, theatre, fashion, products.....it's a huge make-up world out there my friends....think big and out of the box.

Mulain is a leetle disappointed that make-up design was not mentioned, thought about etc (zut alore).......there is so much potential in a career in make-up and the design aspect. It saddens me people. But do NOT despair...my MUs Natasha and Virginia are hard at work 'designing' their make-up academy where they will teach you how to do it and do it well. Will keep you in the loop my darlings...it's all very exciting. The future's bright ...the future is MAKE-UP!

Mulain x

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