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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Luxury textures..

The wonderful world of Armani make-up..

Armani products

Armani Colour range....


Nars get creative..

Nars goodies....
Good morning my darlings...Mulain is refreshed after a great night's sleep, a little yoga session in the morning and a hearty breakfast. Just wanted to write to tell you today about a conversation Mulain over-heard yesterday while we were shooting. It was about the luxury feel of make-up brands. It was concluded that Armani and Nars were two brands which not only gave you a great product range and colours and textures but the luxury of the materials is second to none. The MUs have always heard in professional circles that Armani bases/foundations are 'the best'. The fluids, powders, cremes just have an out-of-this world texture. Nars was also talked about as just having a superb, luxurious feel in the materials.
Mulain knows there are others....Chanel, Lancome, Dior, Laura Mercier to name a few.....but Armani and Nars are slightly off the radar.....so do NOT forget them na. Your project for this weekend - go to a make-up counter selling these two brands (sorry India not here as yet)....and get a feel for them.....have fun, play and enjoy!
Mulain is off for a bridal make-up trial now and then mu-st plan his Saturday night with MUs Nat and Virg. Time to dust down the disco ball, heels and boa...it's time to dance!
Mulain x

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