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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mumbai 26/11

Like the rest of Mumbai...it's a sad, heavy day......one year on and we still remember the horror of 26/11/08. Today we are wearing white, black ribbons.....showing respect and remembering those who suffered so much last year ....and for those still suffering who lost dear ones.

Our Mumbai

It's too, too sad my friends. We are all at work .....Natasha MU doing a test make-up for an actress, Virginia working on the fat mu workshops....life does go on but we shall not forget. Ever.

Let's all throw love and forgiveness out there.....Mulain thinks that is the best way...we shall not let these terrorist (who sent boys to kill us) win.....so light candles, pray for our city and peace....we should all live as one non?

Mulain x

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