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Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's see skin!

Garnier skin-care, make-up by Natasha....lovely glowing skin!

Benetton advertising keep it real...

Becca make-up ads showing us real glowing skin.....approachable skins...

Too photo-shopped?

Mariah looks odd...Mulain feels...

Our MU Natasha got a call a few days ago from a director saying he had seen her work for on a certain skincare ad and that he wanted to have his actress look the same for the film they were both working on. The director said he wanted that same glowing, real-skin look and not a caked 'no-make-up make-up' look.....so off she went for a make-up test yesterday to trial different 'natural' looks. Dying to hear all about it.

Mulain and the MUs were shocked the other day driving along Linking Road and seeing the new ads for Lakme....the models (all beautiful) were so worked on in 'post' that they looked like avatars....totally unreal. Mulain was left wondering how do real women relate to these ads...there is no way on earth any of us can look like that ....so what are advertisers / beauty companies up to?

Don't know about you....but we want to see skin...as though we can touch it, feel it....and feel that yes if we bought that special product, that maybe we could look like the ad....a relationship between the on-looker and the model should be there non?

Becca make-up keep it real and always use lovely skin shots.....www.beccacosmetics.com....they promote their foundations as part of their skin-care.....that's how natural their bases are...just light and beautiful.

Darlings...would love to hear what you think? Let me know....what do women want? Ok...men too.....Bollo na?

Mulain x

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