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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gettin' lippy

Yesterday our MU Virginia was complaining of having dry chapped lips for a long time now.. and nothing she was using was helping.. and so our MU Natasha recommended she look into her fridge and try out good ol' 'malai' or fresh full fat cream - very nourishing and great for any dry skin conditions. Easy, cheap and natural and better than anything available in the market... try it and see those lips turn soft in no time!

Lips have no moisturizing glands and so tend to get dry and chapped much more easily than the rest of our skin and so need a leetle more tlc. Many different things dry out lips.... weather, air conditioning, de- hydration even some beauty products... all those long-lasting lipsticks are known to dry lips out...(and lipstick never looks good on dry lips)... so try and stay away from those if you are prone to dryness or moisturize well and make sure you stay hydrated - i.e. - drink plenty of water... boring I know but it works. Also if your lips get flaky... it's a good idea to exfoliate once in a while with a super soft toothbrush (a kiddies one perferably), put loads of thick 'malai' on it and gently exfoliate and see those lips turn soft and plump. Top with more 'malai' for retaining moisture when done et voila- gorgeously soft lips just asking to be kissed!


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