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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Butter me up!

I just lo-oove this creme!! I have been out in ze sun so much of late that my poor skin is crying out for help...!.... and so to provide it with some relief I used Palmers Cocoa Butter et voila- instantly better! I have been using cocoa butter for years darlings and I absolutely swear by it for dry skin and even just daily moisturizing to keep skin smooth, supple and hydrated.... much better than any expensive lotion you can get (I think...) and palmers is a top favourite.... and what's great is that it smells like vanilla... yum...! So try it out... am sure you will love it too.......c'est Super!
Originally available in white bottles, the bottles have now turned pink (love it) for breast cancer awareness and for every bottle sold a little bit is given towards breast cancer care... isn't that just lovely! Even more of a reason to buy one... not that you need one as its complete value for money. Time to stock up I say...!


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