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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ladies... finally here is a brand which focuses only on ze lips...! So for all you lipstick loving girls out there.. 'Lipstick Queen' is the one for you! Made by a lady who absolutely loves lipsticks... you can be sure of a good product.

Mulain recently visited their counter at Space NK in the UK and was very impressed with the wide array of colours and textures in lipsticks and glosses. My favourite one though I have to say was the 'medieval'... because although it looks very red ( frightening at first) it adds just the right amount of (moisturising and long lasting) stain on the mouth for any skin tone for that lovely rosebud mouth effect... just like the natural look of the medieval times... (hence the name..)
To read more about it you can visit their site http://www.lipstickqueen.com/
Can also double up as a glossy cheek stain for a natural flush (tried and tested... ) great for day or night for that fresh-i'm just a natural beauty - no make up look...... so try and get your hands on one.... this one's a winner!


1 comment:

  1. thanks for that mulain... great to know there is finally a brand dedicated purely to lipsticks! shall def try and check it out. can you get it in mumbai?or order it perhaps?