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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China!

Fabulous photo exhibit at The Habitat Centre, Delhi...photo by Tarun Chhabra...do go and see if you get the chance

Mulain found a friend in Delhi - MMUUUUUU!

The MUs in the Metro....

.....well not quite China...but Mulain and the MUs Natasha and Virginia hit Delhi at the weekend. Visiting Chandni Chowk on the Metro, finding the biggests bulls in the world - EVER - and attending the opening of Adil Writer's pottery and painting exhibition - inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The White Rabbit....lovely creative and fun experience was had by all. If you are in Delhi it's open all week at The Habitat Centre....well worth the visit.....do pop in and say you know the MUs. We also discovered a lovely photographer Tarun Chhabra who is also showing his work....fabulous stuff my darlings...Mulain so tempted to buy.
Back to Bombay with a bump today....shooting tomorrow at lovely air-conditioned Yash Raj Studios....good to escape the heat my friends non?
Bye for now - off to pack tomorrow and 'ave an early night....Mulain x

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  1. I also attended the exhibition...very good indeed...like the metro photo MUs...