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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freida Pinto and L'Oreal

Our lovely Freida's new L'Oreal ad for their new killer mascara is out...how proud we are of her....what a lovely canvas her face is....MU's Natasha and Virginia were only discussing yesterday just how beautiful she really is.....her face is just exquisite with or without make-up...like a scuplture from the gods! We were wondering though....does this mascara really give you lashes like these or are there fake lashes involved too?...Mulain thinks a little bit of false lash help here...with photoshop too? Do we trust these ad campaigns anymore....what do you think my darlings?

Mulain wants to know...and if you have n't seen our blog post from yesterday..please do...it's an eye-opener...literally!

Mulain x


  1. fake lashes for sure! especially if you see the ad full size. Do they really think people will believe you can get lashes like this???they look quite silly and unreal if you ask me....

  2. a LOT of fake lashes