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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl ...In a Barbie World....

... let that be your song today for Halloween! I know it's mine.... ;-)... so if scary Halloween ain't your thing... go for pretty... a la Barbie!

We have all grown up loving Barbie...(... and Ken in my case...) and she now seems to be taking the world by storm...!....truly a Barbie world....!
From the day MAC cosmetics launched their Barbie range.... The 'Doll' is now celebrating her 50th (most glamourous 50 yr old I know...!. ) by launching her very own cosmetics range soon to be hitting stores - so watch out all you Barbie lovers- you're in for a treat! In the meanwhile... launched currently as a bit of a teaser are her 'dolly lashes' available at New Look in London. So if you happen to be prancing around the vicinity or know anyone who is... make sure you get your hands on a pair. Its a great look for Halloween... or any costume party... or just if you're 'in the mood'....coupled with that fantastic dolly make up and of course a magnifique wig! et voila!! Blonde... brunette or red.... that's your choice.... but remember we can't be barbie without the hair ....!

So take a look below for images of Barbie - the real one and MAC's made to look like Barbie girls (bear in mind they have been photoshop'ed') and of the kind of make-up you will need.... just remember lots of bright pinks and shimmers and sheens and gloss are vital to achieving this look! If you need anymore 'elp remember Mulain is at hand!

So happy Halloween mes amis.... and happy dressing up!


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