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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween make-up!

Don't 'ave piggy blood?....Try la ketchup!

Pick a look and get creative!

MAC look - dotty madness!

MAC spider brows.....spooky

Lovely textured MAC

So it's Halloween tomorrow and 'ave you got your pumpkins and trick or treat bags ready? Mulain is off to a party tomorrow night and has his outfit all lined up, so organised non?....Thought you might need some 'elp in what to do and where to pick up some make-up ideas. MAC of course are always there to support us in our work.......they have the most wonderful coloured grease-sticks in blues, greens, yellows, reds etc....great for creating any look and perfect for tomorrow - do go and check them out....great fun!

Take your pick from witch make-up, ghost make-up, demonic make-up, vampire make-up, the Adams family, the Munsters, Frankenstein, Freddy K, Carrie...so much choice my darlings and what fun to research your looks. Don't want to spend a fortune? Get an aqua palette and a set of brushes from any art or craft shop or joke shop even and get painting.....
Or how about getting some lash glue......some sequins and creating your own shapes and masks, get sticking!....Or what about glamour noir, black lips, eyes and nails....so you have colours and textures and looks galore.....the world is at your fingertips...enjoy!
MUs Virginia and Natasha are off to Blue Frog in Mumbai, it's a wrap on their L'Oreal ad so all are celebrating....off to get ready with them.....Caio...x
Mulain x

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