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Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is It!

The joy of crying....
Mulain 'opes you had a good weekend? For me it was fantastique! Mulain and the fat mu team went to see Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' film and 'ave to say it was so good, like having him back with us. The dancing, singing, choreography, design of this 'would-have-been' show was to quote Mr. Bachchan...'mind-blowing'. Mulain cried and cried as the credits rolled last night, so, so sad to lose him and not have him and his colossal talent with us anymore. Boo hoo! But my darlings...I woke up this morning with a moon-walk in my step and my eyes sparkling! I realised I have not cried in such a long time and forgot how good tears are for the eyes (and soul). A good cleansing had taken place!
All mammals have tears but humans have 3 levels of tears....one basic lubrication for everyday functioning (gets less with age). The second is reflex tears....to protect the eye, so when irritation happens or something gets into your little peepers, tears flow to get rid of any invaders...isn't the body clever non? And lastly, the emotional release tears to cope with stress, upset, or even happiness? Last night it was pure love and emotion upset...oh how I wept....and what a wash my eyes got! Oh la la you should see them this morning...simply sparkling...thank you MJ!
So tip of the day - have a weep! The clever people tell us that crying is a good release of stress and encourage us to do it as much as possible....so chalo...let's see those tears and watch how good your eyes look.
The MUs may be off to Gujurat today to check out the famous donkey fair for a couple of days . Or checking out the Mumbai Film Festival that's on this week. Both sound good non?
Hope your week has some fun stuff planned.....will keep you posted on what we end up doing....
A sparkly-eyed Mulain x
P.s - http://www.aryabhatt.com/fast_fair_festival/Fairs/Vautha_Fair.htm for the donkey fair and http://www.mumbaifilmfest.com/ for la film fest...take your pick!

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