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Friday, October 2, 2009

Go Green!

Rihanna proudly sporting green nails!

New Brit beauty brand showcasing their green polish

One of Barry M's brighter shades.....Ummmm

Mulain's favourite green shade from Nars....dark, dark, dark

Another Barry M colour - mint!

...and the most famous is of course .....Chanel's Jade.

Mulain knows the whole world is going Green, including nail shades, but I am just not keen on green nails. Yes I know it's Chanel who 'ave set the latest trend.....and Chanel is Chanel is Chanel plus it was all over the ramps this year but am just not convinced by it my friends. Selfridges apparently have a huge waiting list for this polish.....for me it just reminds me of my childhood and getting ready for Halloween. Just not into any shade of it....mint, jade, emerald, fluorescent, pastel. However if you do like it but can't wait / can't afford Chanel's Jade no......then there are always the trusty highstreet brands......Barry M, Rimmel, No.7, Revlon....not sure it has hit the Indian shelves yet....am sure MAC Mumbai have some in stock.

Gandhi's birthday today people - so 'appy birthday Gandhi-ji - people are celebrating and remembering all over India and the world, even Obama! That makes Mulain happy.

Mulain x

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