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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lady Gaga does it again....

Gaultier Ga-ga

Bride of Frankenstein Gaga

Fright night Gaga
Mulain thought that he likes to change clothes alot but seems he has stiff competition with Lady Gaga. The MTV music awards (the same one that Kanye West was very rude to Mademoiselle Swift - terrible!) saw her in about 5 different outfits....not sure what's going on with the blood on the stage part though.....is it an influence from prom-horror movie Carrie? Not sure about this look Mademoiselle Gaga...but do love the Jean-Paul Gaultier black creation with the Phantom of the Opera mask. Crazy but cool....your one eye showing was done very well I must say, complementing your look, so theatrical and dark....gothic glam for sure.
So it's a cloudy day in Mumbai (not Bombay!!!) - have to be careful what we write, people are watching. Mulain is going to paint the town all the colours of Lady Gaga tonight.....god help this city...definitely going for the dramatic eyes and big lashes as have a bevy of Bollywood beauties to compete with. Mulain is celebrating a few things ce soir......fat mu's 3 year birthday, Rio getting the 2016 Olympics - how exciting.....and.... just because I can dress up if I want to, no excuses needed, let's live it up.
Enjoy your weekends my darlings, I know I will....Mulain x

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