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Thursday, October 1, 2009

80s is on!

No escaping it my friends.....80s fashion and hair and make-up is still taking over the ramps worldwide, the mannequins in the shops and the teenagers on our streets....80s hair, shoulder pads, leggings, quiffs, blues, pinks, leggings, ski-pants, batwings, jump suits. So let's embrace it....Mulain had bought a NYC blue trio eyeshadow palette a few months ago and is wearing the blue colours on my eyes...Boy George would be proud! Colour can be hard to wear, but it's really just confidence my dears......wear a nice blue on your lids, a navy eye pencil around the eyes and lots of mascara. You can also add a pink or purple to your eye if you get really adventurous.

All the MUs are busy, busy.....Virginia in and around Juhu, prepping for an ad next week, Natasha and Xavier in the Taj working with Design Temple. Mulain met an artist who is doing a four day performance art skit in New York and Bombay and is going from himself to a Louise Brook's flapper look.....fantantic....so meeting him next week to show him how to do a 20s make-up! Great fun and strangely bizarre.

M x

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  1. Yes. Absolutely embrace the 80's look. Having been an 80's girl once you must realize there are no half measures. Go for it, have fun and enjoy.